Multiclient survey

Reacty Digital works closely with eNET Internet Research Ltd. in the field of e-commerce. Since 2001, eNET has been studying the supply and demand side of e-retail. In late 2020, Reacty renewed this e-commerce research and as part of that, reports are available in an annual subscription model instead of the previous custom sales.

As part of the annual subscription, from 2020, Customers will receive annual supply-side (webshop), demand-side (customer) and 5-year forecast data for 3 chosen product categories. Report also contains a short comparison of 3 freely chosen competitor webshops (based on public data). We also send the results of our regular online population survey every two months. Finally, our customers can place 2 of their own questions on a Reacty Digital online omnibus survey in the year of their subscription.

If you are interested in the research, please email us, and request a quote for the latest available version!

Personalized research

In addition to our multiclient surveys, we also perform analyzes for individual orders. The advantage of these is that we can examine the issues that best cover the customer's needs in a personalized way, thus providing even more relevant information on the given topic. You can ask for our help with segmentation, competitor analysis, customer or employee satisfaction measurement and market entry, but we also undertake industry research, trend research and communication research.

You can read more about the most important topics of our individual research in the Services section, but if you feel that you do not find the one that suits you the most, feel free to contact us. We always try to find the best solution for the needs that arise.

The subscription contains the following modules


Annual online e-commerce research – supply-side survey

Every year since 2016, e-retail research among online retailers has traditionally been conducted with a March-April survey. The primary goal of the research is to measure and estimate the turnover data of online commerce in the previous year, to distribute it along the main product categories, and to examine the payment and logistics solutions of web stores.

The study presents the following main areas:

  • complete online retail turnover data;
  • detailed breakdown of product segments by turnover data, trends and shares;
  • purchase (cart) value.

Examining the consumption habits of online shoppers – demand-side survey

At Reacty, we consider it important to learn about the online shopping habits of Internet users. The survey was first conducted in May 2014, so there is an opportunity to analyze longitudinal data. The data collection takes place through the Reacty Véleményem Van (VeVa, online research community.

The research study answers the following main questions:

  • How often do people shop online and what are they buying?
  • How did they search, gather information, and shop in the previous year?
  • What devices do they use for online shopping?
  • Where do they buy from (domestic and / or foreign stores)?
  • What method of delivery and payment do they prefer?
  • What characterizes their online shopping (i.e. household shopping)?

Medium-term e-commerce forecast

Extremely accelerated product and service development and user and customer behaviour are constantly generating change. These changes, as well as the development of the economic environment and the reactions to them, determine the results of companies.

Reacty Digital provides a forecast for e-commerce. The medium-term forecast for a 5-year interval considers macroeconomic variables and expected retail development curves, in addition to market participants' expectations.

We forecast the volume of retail sales and the change in the share of each segment from macroeconomic data and Reacty's own micro-level research.

Regular online consumer survey

On Reacty Digital’s online panel, we launch surveys on e-commerce every two months, including the following topics:

  • seasonality
  • brand awareness
  • payment methods
  • etc.