Reacty Digital provides research and other related services primarily in the field of e-commerce. Without wishing to be exhaustive, we help our customers with the following services:

  • Reacty VeVa online research community
  • omnibus surveys
  • target group research, segmentation, customer satisfaction measurement
  • market entry support and competition research
  • industry research to explore a given submarket
  • trend research, forecasting, future research (scenario analysis)
  • comprehensive research in areas supporting e-commerce
  • research for communication purposes
  • Digimeter
  • data-driven online growth consulting
In addition to the ones listed, we also offer unique, ad-hoc research, so if you cannot find an area that concerns you, feel free to ask us for a quote. We do a lot of different research related to e-commerce and digital transformation.

Reacty VeVa online research community

For many companies, it may be important to ask the public about a particular topic when launching a new product or making a major business decision. The information obtained in this way helps to develop the right strategy or can support corporate communication.

Reacty VeVa is an online panel with more than 30,000 registered users that allows our company to conduct surveys representing either the Hungarian adult population or a sample filtered by a particular criterion. In addition to basic demographic data, more detailed profile data is available for registered users, so research can be launched for a specific target group. If you are interested in research for a specific target group, please contact us for more information and offers! Upon request, we will also send you a panel book describing the main parameters of Reacty VeVa.

We strive to update the panel data regularly to provide truly up-to-date sample filtering capabilities. In addition, we place great emphasis on the continuous expansion of the research community in order to have a diverse range of respondents and offer research with a larger sample size to our clients.

Omnibus survey

Do you want to choose a cost-effective market research solution? You only have a few questions, but is it important that you get them answered? Maybe you want to ask just one question on a regular basis to see the changes over time? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we have our online omnibus survey for you. The research starts every other month on the Reacty VeVa online panel, and you can join in even with a single question. The questionnaire includes questions from several of our customers, so the costs are shared between them, but the results are confidential and are made individually for each of our clients.

Omnibus research is fast and cost-effective, and predictable thanks to its schedule. The price of the service depends on the number and type of questions or outputs.  Contact us for a personalized offer.

Target group research and segmentation, customer satisfaction measurement

An important factor for a company is to have the right quantity and quality of customers. However, to do this, you need to know the consumer market and find the ideal buyer candidates. In order to retain existing customers, an incentive system that provides real value to them needs to be developed. Our team has a target group research and a method for measuring customer satisfaction for such needs. These can be ad-hoc or regular surveys. We recommend our panel management solution for regular surveys, which you can read more about in the Software Solutions section.

Our other offer, the representative online research, helps to find out the opinions of consumers about your product who have not yet bought from you or use the products of a competitor.

Target group research includes segmentation as needed. In doing so, we identify the segments of the target group, their sizes and in the form of a detailed analysis you will receive a reliable buyer persona at the end of the research, based on which you can create a profitable marketing strategy.

Upon request, we also conduct customer satisfaction research in our clients' own customer databases in a GDPR compliant manner.

Employee surveys

A deeper understanding of employee opinion, mentality and feelings can be achieved by an anonymous survey, led by an independent agency, in which employees are free to express their views, giving the company a chance to respond. The regular or ad-hoc surveys can focus on general employee satisfaction and commitment, or on opinions and suggestions related to workplace culture or cultural change. It can examine work organization issues, employee perspectives and development opportunities, and the issue of recognition and esteem.

The research is based on the basic assumption that decisions that consider the needs of employees can lead to more successful solutions, a better work atmosphere and reduce costly fluctuation.

Market entry and competition research

One of the basic conditions for successful market entry is a well-founded strategy and market knowledge. Accordingly, our company undertakes competitive analysis and market research for traders and manufacturers. Our market entry research helps to create a well-founded strategy to build the future of our clients on realistic numbers. For our customers who want to enter or are already operating in e-commerce, we offer the benefit of our annual e-commerce research covering more than 20 product segments and our associated five-year online commerce forecast. You can read more about our predictive research in the Multiclient surveys section.

Industry research to explore a given submarket

Are you a new player in the market or would you open to another industry, but need more data and information? Want to know if it is worth entering the market at all? Our company also conducts industry research (so-called segment research, such as online accommodation market, food delivery, ticket market, clothing market, etc.).

We can also provide historical, current, and expected future turnover data for the sub-markets of online commerce, and we are able to estimate the growth trajectory of the sub-market. You can find out who are the biggest horizontal and vertical players in each area, and we also characterize the smaller players in the long tail. We explore the most important international and technological trends in the given field, examine their chances of appearing on the domestic market and their expected modifications while adapting to the specific Eastern European and Hungarian markets.

Trend research, forecasting, futures research (scenario analysis)

Companies need to know in advance how the market will evolve. Reacty Digital has annual forecasting research in the field of e-commerce that our customers can purchase (read more in the Multiclient Surveys section). Our team also prepares ad hoc trend research, forecasting or scenario analysis. In these, we identify the most important international and domestic trends, their expected future effects and provide a forecast based on different scenarios. We then work with the customer to identify the most important factors shaping the future so that, as a result, a forward-looking business strategy can be developed.

Comprehensive research in areas supporting e-commerce

When running a web store, several issues need to be addressed, such as what payment methods customers prefer or how to optimize warehousing. Without proper logistics processes, a wide range of payment options, the use of diverse marketing solutions and efficient webshop operations, there will be no successful online retailers. Related to this, Reacty Digital provides research solutions on both the supply (web stores) and demand (buyers) side. We conduct surveys that explore what tools traders use and what consumers expect in terms of delivery or payment. We also look at what marketing channels online stores use and how and where consumers are informed before and during the purchase process. The results of this research will help online shops provide even more services to their customers in line with market needs.

Digimeter research series

Digimeter shows the extent to which small and medium-sized enterprises are taking advantage of the tools and opportunities of digitization and where they can develop further.

The aggregated results of the research are publicly available, and respondents receive a detailed report on their own results. The most successful and developing companies in their respective fields can receive the Digimeter Competitiveness Award.

Data-driven online growth audit

For providing a successful data-driven growth action plan, first, we find and collect relevant data regarding your products/services, your customers, and about online competition. Reacty Digital turns those data into actionable knowledge by providing a detailed plan of personalized and feasible steps.

Below you can read a summary of the areas examined. Please contact us for a more detailed description and to request a quote.

  1. Target group research examines the current and potentially available target groups.
  2. As part of a technical audit, Reacty will assess the current website structure. This process examines and evaluates the entire website from Google search’s perspective and identifies areas for improvement.
  3. We also audit social media communication metrics such as traffic and conversation.
  4. Defining competitors and analyzing their positions and communications are also an integral part of the audit.
  5. As users type keywords into their search engines when searching, the goal is to identify as many relevant keywords as possible to help them find your business.
  6. Referring pages are one of the most critical metrics in Google’s search algorithm (video, blog, photo, post). We examine the number and quality of links to the website and competitors’ websites.
  7. Marketing messages to potential customers and website visitors are collectively referred to as value propositions. Value proposition analysis compares marketing messages hidden in a company’s digital content with the competitors’ marketing messages.
  8. Data source audit is a technical audit in which we analyze what type of data a company currently collects on its website, from social media or other online channels.
  9. During data process examination, we analyze how and how effectively the company monitors and measures its business processes, and we also measure the degree of integration of the available information.
  10. In content production, the task is to ensure that digital content production is always based on available relevant data (goals, keyword positions, referring links, competitor positions).
  11. During a competency audit, we answer what additional knowledge and skills are needed to initiate and maintain data-driven online growth and to continuously achieve business goals.

Finally, we support the predictability of the operational processes required for online growth and the decision-making related to implementation through a detailed cost-benefit analysis.

Research for communication purposes

There is strong competition in a market economy, you must stand out from the offer of others. Our team can help in this with communication research that can have multiple functions. On the one hand, they can help brand building by showing expertise and competence in the given field (competence communication), on the other hand, they may be able to strengthen a company's market presence. Finally, as part of communication research, results can be obtained that not only support pre-sales, but also, through market knowledge, help in sales negotiations to present that particular sub-market and persuade prospective customers.