Reacty Insight

As a decision-maker a situation often arises that requires reliable first-hand information. Such information may be, for example, when we want to know the opinion of our customers or improve the quality of our service before introducing a new product line, but there is only a small budget and it is necessary to know the list of consumer preferences. Reacty Digital’s proprietary market research panel management system allows for the collection and profiling of regular and periodic customer feedback. Reacty Insight can conduct effective and regular questionnaire research, providing useful guidance for all decision-makers.

The system is also suitable for GDPR-compliant, profiling research with a given set of users with their consent, and for building ever-expanding panel databases. Reacty Insight is available as a managed and unmanaged service for market research panel management tasks.

In case of managed service Reacty offers both human and IT support to the software. This solution is mainly recommended for marketing and HR departments, institutional managers.

In case of unmanaged service, Reacty offers Software as a Service (SaaS), which only provides the Reacty Insight application, but the client needs to cover for all required actions except maintenance and basic IT support. This solution is primarily recommended for market research firms looking for a suitable tool for the separate management of their own panels.

The Reacty Insight panel manager solution is a proprietary product, so Reacty Digital also sells licenses for the software under the right conditions.

If you are interested in any of the solutions, ask for our unique offer!

Mobile research system

With the help of our research system, any mobile, online, or even combined hybrid research can be implemented, and there is also the possibility of location-based mobile research.

We can provide a research tool that can manage a questionnaire panel, invite members of this panel to complete surveys via a mobile application or traditional online browser. It is possible to plan the research according to different workflows in the system, as well as to configure the reactions triggered by events. The resulting research can be run automatically, while the results can be delivered continuously.

Our solution can assign people who meet certain criteria to a research, run questionnaires, collect the answers to them and form them into an analyzable database. Of course, this database can be processed with a suitable data analysis system, and the results obtained in this way can be interpreted, conclusions can be drawn, and decisions can be formed based on them.

Its great advantage is that it is excellent for conducting “moment of truth” type research, i.e. we can ask respondents while the event is still happening or immediately after while they are under the influence of the experience. That way, you do not have to wait until they get close to a computer or meet an interviewer.