The logistics of the future - the future of logistics

The managing director of our company held an inspirational presentation titled ‘The logistics of the future - the future of logistics’ at the end of September 2019, at the request of Magyar Posta. In his presentation, Róbert Pintér covered international trends related to logistics and emerging technological innovations.

Robotics and automation define all areas of life, including logistics, in which significant changes can occur as technology evolves, becomes more widely available, and becomes more cost-effective. Automation will speed up logistics processes while making them more efficient and reliable.

According to Róbert Pintér, international trends can easily reach Hungary, especially if the solutions are able to increase the cost-efficiency in addition to the speed of the processes, thus reducing the costs associated with transportation and warehousing. In the future, these automated systems will be able to play more and more important roles, as a result of which less human intervention will be required during logistics processes.

Róbert Pintér, the managing director of Reacty Digital
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