“This is how you operate” - a survey among Hungarian webshops

Two-thirds of the companies operating online shops would prefer to develop further, but most of them are clueless about where to start, according to the Virgo Group's industry research conducted by Reacty Digital. According to the results, the most important aspect for the webshops is the speed of operation, and there is also a significant need for product support in Hungarian.

On behalf of the Virgo Group, Reacty Digital conducted an online and telephone survey in January-February 2020 among Hungarian companies with a webshop turnover of at least half a billion forints. According to a survey of more than companies, the sector needs first and foremost education in e-commerce and corporate management skills.

The majority would develop, but there is a great deal of uncertainty

An analysis of respondents’ data shows that a significant proportion of domestic webshops are run by a relatively small team (operated by a team of not more than 5 people).  Regardless of size, about 10% of operating costs are spent on developing or renting an online sales platform. The need for education seems to be justified by the fact that although two-thirds of respondents feel the need for development, they do not really know where to start it.

A typical trend is that dissatisfaction with the e-commerce platform currently in use is growing in line with sales growth; that is, the needs of larger companies are more complex in terms of webshops, which requires a step towards unique, personalized development.


Webshop problems

Surprisingly, the issues raised about the web store are very similar regardless of traffic and company size. Many mentioned marketing toolbar limitations, low conversion rates, and performance / speed issues. In addition, the difficult development of the current webshop and its integration with other software (e.g. invoicing) is a headache for many.

“An important lesson from our professional survey is that many e-commerce market players do not currently have all the necessary information about development opportunities. At the same time, we can see that Virgo Corbis, which supports the development of custom webshops and e-commerce systems, can fully meet proven needs such as continuous growth and flexible customer service, as well as software support in Hungarian” said Diána Bártfai, Virgo Systems e-commerce business development associate.

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